27 Channel DC Controller (9 RGB Groups)

27 channel direct current controller. DMX decoder with RJ45 interface, input DC7-24V.


This is 27 DMX Channels LED light controller PCB. This controller is for dumb RGB LEDs. You can control 27 Channel (9 group of RGB LED) with External power inputs. All connections are terminal block which is easy to use. You can use dipswitch to select start DMX address.  


  • Power Input: 7V - 24V DC  Max: 15A
  • Channel: 27 channel (9 RGB Groups)
  • Output: 1A per channel (Total Max 15A)
  • Screw terminals
  • Dimension: 1.3" x 7.86" x 3.33" (200 x 85 x 25mm)


DMX signal can be received when function dipswitch FUN(10) = OFF. The DMX start channel is set from a DIP switch (no external programmer is required). A red LED on the decoder indicates DMX power and signal. The input and output power has screw terminals and XLR 3P connectors for DMX-512 In/Out. In addition RJ45 (cat5) connector is available for DMX-512 signal.

Start Address:

The controller has built-in functions if DMX is not used.  The dipswitch FUN(10) = ON. If coding switch 8 or 9 is selected, the speed adjustment is from 1-7.

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