40-Channel Light Controller

Revival Control Systems controllers are microprocessor-based. They are capable of creating spectacular lighting effects.
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Revival Control Systems controllers are microprocessor based giving them intelligence. These light controllers are far superior to standard light controllers.  Each light controller has embedded intelligence that controls dimming, ramping, fading, patterns, and a number of other lighting effects. These are all handled locally, relieving the handling of tedious details on the controlling computer. They are capable of creating spectacular lighting effects.

The light controllers are connected together in a network using standard Cat5 cable.

In this type network configuration, one command can instruct a lighting controller to perform complex lighting effects on a specific channel. Every controller uses industry RS485 standards (capable of transmitting 4000 feet).

Revival Control Systems controllers have a built-in processors, issuing a simple command puts the light channels to work.

  • Ramp: The ramp effect turns on the on the output of the light controller to the specified on level. The Ramp effect uses the ramp Rate when turned on, and the Fade rate when turned off.
  • Fade: The fade effect controls how fast a lighting channel travels from its current level to completely off. The Fade effect uses the Fade rate.
  • Random: The random effect turns on the on the output of the light controller to random on level.
  • Sparkle: When used with an individual light, the sparkle effect will pop fade the light at random times. When used with a group, the sparkle effect will pop fade individual lights in a group at random times. The Sparkle effect uses the Sparkle rate.
  • Shimmer: The Shimmer effect varies the intensity of the lights connected to the light controller. When used with groups the shimmer effect the light will shimmer simultaneously. The Shimmer effect uses the Shimmer rate.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Input: 120VAC/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
  • Channels: 40
  • Channel Capacity: 8 amp per channel max
  • Board Capacity: 45 amps with 15 amp fuses
    Channel 1-8 (15 amp)
    Channel 9-24 (15 amp)
    Channel 25-40 (15 amp)
  • Output: 40 channel controllers
  • Isolation: Low-voltage section is optically isolated from high voltage
  • Control Input: RS-232 or RS485
  • Built-in RS-232 to RS485 converter.
  • Addressing: Up to 128 boards can be on one network
  • Lighting Effects: Ramp, Fade, Blink, Pop, Sparkle, Flicker, Shimmer, Reverse-Pop
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