Are your controllers made in USA?

Yes, our controllers and software are engineered and assembled in the USA.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes, you can contact us here. We would rather you send your inquiries to sales@revivalcontrolsystems.com.

Do you have sales or specials?

Yes, we sometimes give coupon codes for certain products, categories, or quantities. You enter the code when you are checking out and can only use one code at a time.

How do I connect my lights to the controller?

We have an instructional document illustrating how to connect your christmas lights to the controller. Click Here.

What is the interface between the computer and the controller?

The controller uses standard serial communication. You need a serial port on the computer to send lighting commands to the controller. We supply a serial port (db9) to cat5 (rj45) converter. Between controllers the signal is converted to industry standard rs485. This allows the signal to be transmitted up to 4000 feet (1200 meters).

Do you have a Catalog?

No, Revival Control Systems does not publish a catalog. We have designed our Web Site to provide this information to you. In most cases you can print off the information on the items you are interested in and this will give you a hard copy if you need one. We make changes to site on a regular basis to try and keep it as current as possible. It would impossible to keep a printed catalog up to date with new products, products available, updating prices, and other changes that are needed in this type of business.

Is your website secure?

When ordering online from us, we use Paypal to process our transactions. Paypal is secure and trusted.


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